Job Title: Manager Land, Administration and Security
Department Land, Administration And Security
Report To Senior General Manager Operations
Employment Type Permanent
Minimum Education MBA / Masters in Economics
Rotation N/A
Experience Required 12-15 Years
Location Karachi
Travel MUST
Job Detail

·      Put in all professional capabilities in the performance of your official obligations as Manager Land, Admin and security to meet the challenging demands.

·      Perform all administrative duties so as to ensuring the smooth functioning of Land, Admin and security department at all fields.

·      Move to the field to supervise and monitor the administrative land & Security functioning as and whenever required.

·      Ensuring that all measure required for the security of PEL's installation, equipment, material, and personals at the fields are in place and are reviewed periodically (Randomly).

·      Carry out liaison and coordination with rangers deputed for the security of PEL's installations at various fields/sites

·      Monitor the maintenance of the vehicles and expenditure on maintenance in coordination with field officers.

·      Coordinate with the local Civil Administration and Revenue and forest officials for acquisition of land and maintain close working relationship.

·      Should have adequate experience of acquiring the land and negotiations with land owners and well conversant with the procedures for acquiring/ transfer/ registering the land.

·      Carryout acquisition of land for PEL at its areas of operations and also to negotiate with the land owners at the most economic rates for the land to be acquired.

·      Perform any additional duty concerning business of Shahzad International / Petroleum Exploration (Pvt.) Ltd as assigned by Chief Executive or any officer on his behalf.

·      Liaise with security agencies and maintain healthy relations for PEL's benefits.

·      Negotiate with civil works contractors for cost effective civil works.

·      Ensuring optimum and smooth execution of civil works of well sites, roads repair and maintenance without any local problems / hindrance.

·      Liaise and to maintain relationship with locals and notables of the areas of PEL’s operations.

·      Maintain close working relationship with all related Government Organizations, securities agencies.

·      Ensure proper secrecy of all office matters pertaining to the organization and not leak out or pass on any information/ document to anybody or outside during your stay with us or even after leaving the organization.

·       Guide/advice field officers on all issues pertaining to field administration, security and land management and to visit the location frequently for supervision, inspection and regulation of policies.

·      Apt knowledge of the local situations

·      Proficiency in Land management and land reformation

·      Expert administration capabilities

·      Certainty of ownership and knowledge of all the rights that exist in the land

·      Proficient in land rights and a good understanding of local rules.

·      Expert in local communication. Local Language desirable.

·      Frequent traveling flexibility

·      Expert in accountability processes and strict supervision of all land, admin and security related matters.

·      Good PR skills and associations with local authorities

- Retired Officers from Forces meeting above criteria would be preferred.